Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine

Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine

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Eight Ball Deluxe was designed by George Christian and released by Bally in 1981. The game features a cue sports theme and was so popular that it was produced again in 1984.

The game is the successor of the popular Eight Ball pinball machine from 1977. In Eight Ball Deluxe, Bally added more rules, complicated shot combinations, and speech synthesis. The pinball machine is still very popular today and was followed by the pinball machine Eight Ball Champ in 1985.

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Game Features:

Eight Ball Deluxe has two sets of drop targets, one set for the billiard balls 1-7 and 9-15, and four in line drop targets for bonus multiplier. Behind the 1-7 drop targets are stand up targets that spells out ‘Deluxe’. If the player spells the last letter of ‘Deluxe’ the game gives three free games. This feature stays in memory even when the machine is turned off.