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Williams Electronics was the leading manufacturer of solid state pinball machines for decades, breaking sales records with some of their more ambitious models. Williams’ first solid-state pinball machines produced in 1976 were prototype runs based on electromechanical games; Aztec and Grand Prix.

Williams continued to release new electromechanical pinball machines through October 1977, when they released their last, Wild Card. From November 1977, Williams released solid-state pinball games exclusively. From the late 1970s through the 1980s, Williams became a major innovator in pinball technology.

In 1992, the company licensed and produced The Addams Family pinball game (Under the Bally Name). The Addams Family sold 20,270 units, a record that still stands today. In 1993, the company produced Twilight Zone which sold an impressive 15,235 units. After 1993, though still the market leader, Williams never came close to matching the sales numbers of Twilight Zone and The Addams Family. Medieval Madness, produced in 1997, often tops the list as the greatest pinball game of all time.

Williams Electronics won the American Amusement Machine Association’s  Manufacturer of the Year award in 1995 .