Pinball Restoration

Elite Home Gamerooms World Class Pinball Restoration

Owner and Founder John Russo, explains the three R’s of our pinball restoration philosophy: Repair, Replace and Remanufacture.

Whether you own a pinball machine that needs to be serviced or you are buying one of our classic restored pinball machines, our philosophy is always the same.

At Elite Home Gamerooms, all of our pinball machines undergo an extensive and rigorous restoration process. What this means is we dismantle all of the playfield structures to bring the machine back to nearly new condition. We dismantle the entire play field all the way down to the wood. We strip off all the old wax and reapply new. We replace all rubber bands so that they age equally. We also replace all of the lighting, offering two replacement choices, either LED or the original incandescent. After we’ve finished with the playfield we move on to the cabinet where we clean, repaint, recondition, and anything else depending on what the machine needs. We also replace all of the machine’s “armor” which includes the leg hardware, bolts and levelers. We do everything to make sure your pinball machine looks as good as possible when you take it home.

We take our reconditioning process very seriously, which is why we offer a one-year warranty on any reconditioned product. Because once your friends see that amazing looking pinball machine sitting in your house, they’re going to want one just like yours.

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