Surf Champ Pinball Machine

Surf Champ Pinball Machine

Surf Champ Pinball Machine

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Designed by Gottlieb in 1976, “Surf Champ” is widely considered the best pinball surfing game of all time. The official record says the production reached a total of 1,070 units, but serial numbers of “Surf Champ” compiled by fans indicate that over 4,000 machines were manufactured.


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Game Features:

The electro-mechanical structure featured flippers, pop bumpers, slingshots, star rollovers, five-bank drop targets, one kick-out hole, and one spinning target.

The pinball surfing game had a maximum display score of 99,990 points, and three chimes. The “Surf Champ” model was designed by Ed Krynski, and the artwork was a creation of Gordon Morison.