Spanish Eyes Pinball Machine

Spanish Eyes Pinball by Williams

Spanish Eyes Pinball Machine

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Spanish Eyes is a pinball machine produced by Williams and released in 1972. The game was designed by Norm Clark, with artwork by John Craig.

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Spanish Eyes Pinball by Williams

Williams single-player Spanish Eyes pinball machine is notable for featuring a polarizing, mosaic-style Christian Marche art package. The game features a pop bumper situated between the flippers and a center horseshoe lane–two design hallmarks of long-time Williams designer Norm Clark. The artwork is not widely believed to be from Christian Marche, but instead from John Craig.

The goal in Spanish Eyes Pinball is to light up the numbers 1 through 6 by hitting the matching targets. For every one of the lit numbers, the game adds an additional 1,000 points to the total value of the saucer in the center. To score an extra ball, a Player must light the A, B, C, D and E top rollovers.  The player can also win an extra ball by completing 1-6 and making the loop shot.  This game allows you to win multiple free balls, it is an add a ball and a replay game. This is one the early pinball games to use DC current for the jet bumpers, giving the game fast action for its time. One of the more interesting features of this particular pinball game is the bumper at the bottom of the playfield, between the flippers.

Additional Features: 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 6 standup targets, 1 kick-out hole, 1 horseshoe lane, 1 pop bumper is located between the flippers, no slingshots. This game can be configured for replay, add-a-ball, or novelty play.


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