High Speed Pinball Machine

High Speed Pinball Machine

High Speed Pinball Machine


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High Speed Pinball Machine By Williams

William’s High Speed Pinball machine is said to have revitalized the pinball industry in the 80’s which had been on the decline due to the North American video game crash. High Speed Pinball sold a stunning 17,080 units! Pinball designer Paul Lawlor and pinball programmer Dwight Sullivan both stated stated that High Speed Pinball is one of their favorite games.

High Speed is a solid state police chase themed pinball machine designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams Electronics in 1986. Regarding the theme of this game, Steve Ritchie has said: “It was based on a true story. I was actually chased by the cops at 146 mph in my 1979 Porsche 928.”

“High Speed” was the first solid-state pinball machine to use automatic replay percentaging (an operator adjustment that controls the frequency of awarded replays as compared to total games played). It was also the first to have a multiball jackpot that would carry-over from game to game.

The object of High Speed pinball is to turn all traffic lights from green to yellow to red, and then run the red light before escaping from the police.


There are nine stoplight targets in High Speed Pinball: three green, three yellow, and three red. Another stoplight is placed above the main ramp. Players begin the game with a green light showing on the ramp stoplight, and the targets flashing green. Hitting the correct flashing target turns that flashing light to a solid light, although players can also turn a flashing target light solid by shooting the ball into the eject hole or up the ramp. When all three targets are lit solid, the next color becomes available to hit. Hitting all the yellow targets changes the main ramp’s light to yellow, and hitting all the red target lights changes the main ramp’s stoplight to red. (The machine will also flash “LIGHT IS RED” and “RUN RED LIGHT.”)

When the player runs the red light (by shooting the ball up the ramp while the ramp’s stoplight is red) and starts a police chase, the nine stoplight targets turn off, and the player can now hit them in any order to turn them on. Lighting up all nine stoplights constitutes an opportunity for the player to escape by shooting the ball in the eject hole. After the jackpot is won, the nine stoplight targets turn off again, and the player can light them up again for extra rewards.

Ramp Shots

During normal gameplay, when a ball is sent up the ramp, the game will push the ball down one of the guide rails and into one of the side hide-outs (or off the track and onto the playfield by the upper flipper). Players are also awarded the Ramp Bonus, plus a Bonus Multiplier. The ramp bonus begins at 50,000 points and has a maximum of 250,000 points, increasing in 25,000 point increments (which are increased by hitting the 1-6 Targets). The Bonus Multiplier grows from 2X to a maximum of 5X, and any subsequent ramp shots light up the BONUS HELD. Depending on machine settings, ramp shots can also spot players a stoplight target.

Police Chase

If the main traffic light is red, the player will be awarded the usual rewards, but it will start the “Police Chase.” This mode is entered whether the ramp shot is from the playfield or the plunger, as long as the light is red. (The police beacon on top of the backglass will also flash.) A shot to start a Police Chase does not divert the ball into a hideout, and instead exits at the right-end of the ramp, dropping back onto the playfield, just above the upper-right flipper.

There are two ways to escape the police, both of which activate Multi-Ball mode:

• Sending the ball up the ramp during the Police Chase (which is known as a Getaway), which leads the machine to flash “YOU GOT AWAY.” The ball then travels to a hideout and stays there until Multi-Ball begins.
• Lighting up all nine stoplight targets and then hitting the eject hole (which is known as an Escape), which leads the machine to flash “YOU ESCAPED.” The ball then remains in the eject hole until Multi-Ball begins.
Multi-Ball always has a maximum of 3 balls in play.

Multi-Ball Mode

During Multi-Ball, the objective is to score the jackpot by shooting one ball up the ramp. When any ramp shot is done successfully during Multi-Ball, a ball will remain in the hideout it enters until another ball drains. If two balls are locked in the hideouts when a ball drains, both are released, continuing Multi-Ball; if only one ball remains, Multi-Ball ends, and the player starts over with a green light.

Eject Hole

The eject hole is located just above the upper right flipper, and shooting a ball into this hole locks the ball temporarily and always sends it to the upper right flipper, making for easier ramp shots (if the player is skilled enough to master this). The eject hole will also spot stoplight targets, constitute an Escape (if the Police Chase is active), or award an extra ball when it is lit.


There are two freeways and three freeway spinners. Two are on the outer lanes around the upper half of the board, while the third leads to the eject hole. The two outer lanes award the Freeway Bonus when its Freeway Arrow is lit.
The following scoring criteria applies to Freeways:

• When nothing is lit, the player scores 100 points each time the Freeway spinners spin. When the spinners are lit, they score 1,000 points per spin.
• When nothing is lit, shooting the ball along both outer-lane Freeways in succession (making a big loop-de-loop shot) lights up the freeway that was entered first. Making this loop-de-loop shot can also enable extra balls and the HOLD BONUS feature if done correctly.
• The lower inlanes light up the opposite side’s Freeway arrow (i.e. when the ball travels along the right inline, it lights up the left outer lane’s Freeway, and vice-versa). These inlanes will also re-light the Kickback on the left side (if necessary) and award a 20,000 point bonus alongside it.
• When the arrows are flashing, the Freeway scores the currently lit value, either 50,000 points and lighting up the inlanes, 75,000 points and lighting up the spinners, 100,000 points and a HOLD BONUS, or 100,000 points and an EXTRA BALL (in that order).
Players only have a few seconds to score the Freeway bonuses. The 20,000 point bonus that goes with re-lighting the Kickback, however, continues until the ball drains.

1-2-3 and 4-5-6 Targets

Just above each of the inlanes are targets numbered 1, 2, and 3 (on the left side), and 4, 5, and 6 (on the right side). Hitting these targets increases the value of ramp shots and re-lights the Kickback.


The jackpot begins at 250,000 points and increases to a maximum value of 2 million points. It carries over from ball to ball and game to game until it is collected by making a ramp shot during Multi-Ball Mode. The jackpot only increases, however, by every point scored during Multi-Ball, but before making the ramp shot to score the jackpot. It does not increase again until the next time a Multi-Ball starts.

ll, the game awards the player these bonus points, multiplied by the bonus multiplier (players start at 1X and increase it to a maximum of 5X by making ramp shots). The game will start the player over at 1,000 bonus points unless HOLD BONUS has been awarded. If the player finished their last ball with a Hold Bonus, the game holds over both the bonus points and the multipliers; otherwise, bonus multipliers are not carried over from ball to ball, but the original bonus value is.

The maximum bonus points allowed on the table is 69,000 for 1X; getting a 5X makes the maximum 345,000.


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