Classic Dartboard Cabinet

Classic Dartboard Cabinet

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This classic dartboard cabinet features hand-crafted details around the rim of the cabinet bringing attention to the beauty of the piece while the inside opens to reveal a completely functional cabinet. It features two chalkboards, eight dart slots, and a cord hole in the back wall for the highest standard of appearance hiding unsightly cords from view. This wooden dart board cabinet is available in Espresso, Gray Walnut or Mocha (to be discontinued).

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Product Specifications

To place bullseye at 5’8” from floor, hang the top of the cleat 6’ 3-3/4″ from floor. Place the dartboard in cabinet and attach, making sure height is 5’ 8” from floor, this should place the dart board in the center of the dart cabinet. If you need dartboard higher or lower due to design of dartboard adjust height accordingly.