Black Knight Pinball Machine

Black Knight Pinball Williams

Black Knight Pinball Machine

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Designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams Electronics in 1980, The Black Knight pinball machine was a milestone in the evolution of pinball. It introduced many new designs and was the first game with the patented “Magna-Save” feature. It was also the first game with a two-level playing field, and faceted inserts in the playfield.

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Black Knight Pinball Machine by Williams

Black Knight is a 1980 pinball machine designed by Steve Ritchie (who also provides the Knight’s voice) and released by Williams Electronics.

This game is known for its two-level playfield (a first for a pinball game), and introduced the patented “Magna-Save”, in which a player-controlled magnet is used to prevent outlane drains. This was first of a series of four games that were both two-level and featured magna-save. On Black Knight Pinball, the machine controls the magnet time (adjustable by the operator from three to ten seconds). Magna-save is activated by pressing one of two buttons placed on each side of the cabinet, just above the flipper buttons.

Other notable features of of the game include a loud riding bell instead of the old familiar knock when a special (free game) is won, three ball multi-ball that do not require any previous targets to be hit before allowing balls to lock, and random score targets.


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