Batman Forever Pinball Machine

Batman Forever Pinball Machine

Batman Forever is a solid-state pinball machine from July 1995, manufactured by Sega Pinball, Inc and designed after the movie of same name.

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Batman Forever Pinball Machine by Sega

Batman Forever pinball was released in June 1995 by Sega Pinball. It is based on the motion picture of the same name. The game was designed by Paul Leslie and Joe Kaminkow, with artwork by Morgan Weistling, Mark Raneses, and Jeff Busch.

Batman Forever Pinball uses the 192×64 “supersize” dot matrix display with Motorola 68000-based 16-bit controller. It also features several electric-green wireform ramps with the Bat Cave escape ramp extending down behind the flippers and over the playfield apron, releasing balls “up” the playfield during multiball. The Bat Wing cannon rotates & aims across the playfield and fires the ball with the pistol grip on the front of the machine. The game also features genuine speech clips from the movie.

Summary of Features: 3 Flippers, 3 Ramps, Multiball, Automatic Plunger, Batwing Ball Cannon. Pistol Grip ball shooter. Unlimited buy-in balls per player (operator option).


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