Four Million B.C. Pinball Machine

Four Million B.C. Pinball Machine


The dinosaur themed classic Four Million B.C. Pinball Machine was released by Bally in 1971. The game was designed by Ted Zale (inventor of the zipper flipper feature) with artwork by Dick White.

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Four Million B.C. Pinball Machine by Bally

Four Million B.C. was a ground breaking 4 player pinball machine for its time. The game features a host of innovative features for an early 1970’s pinball machine including:

▪ 3 ball multiball
▪ Skill shot ramp (perfect shot lights all three bumpers and scores 3,000 points)
▪ Zipper Flippers
▪ Volcano hole traps ball and scores 1,000-5,000 points
▪ Tar Pit traps ball
▪ Left kick back lane when lit (saves the ball from draining)
▪ Ball save gate (returns ball to shooter) awards extra ball
▪ 3 pop bumpers
▪ Two mushroom bumpers release trapped balls

Additional features of Four Million B.C. include: 2 Zipper flippers, 3 Pop bumpers, 2 mushroom bumpers, 2 Slingshots, 2 Standup targets, 1 Kick-out hole, Multiball, Ball advance lane, Left outlane kicker, Ramp, Skill shot, Ball return gate, The kick-out hole has a motorized Flash Bonus for variable awards. Maximum displayed point score is 99,990 points per player. Replay wheel maximum: 25. Sound: 1 bell, knocker.


Pinball Restoration Process:

At Elite Home Gamerooms, we take pride in our pinball restoration process, which is why all our refurbished pinball machines come with the most competitive warranty in the business. This machine has been fully refurbished to like-new condition in both playability and appearance. To learn more about our pinball restoration process click here